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Get High-Quality Heat Pump Hot Water in Gold Coast

Are you planning to renovate your home? Or upgrade your heating system? Whatever the reason is, we at Aquatech Solar Technologies are here to assist you. We supply a wide range of heat pump hot water in Gold Coast. Our innovative heat pump solutions will have a significant impact on your overall electricity consumption and will also help ensure that you get a consistent hot water supply throughout the year.

You can choose an energy-efficient heat pump and get a rebate depending on the size of your space and your hot water supply requirements. Our advanced heat pumps are designed with a focus on improved efficiency and reliability. All the heat pumps are tested for their water storage capacity and performance by our experts.

Why choose our services?

At Aquatech Solar Technologies, we are dedicated to supplying solar hot water systems in Gold Coast that are much safer and more efficient as compared to conventional water heaters. We also offer flexible installation services; making it easier for our clients to get the system installed on time.

With our range of Rapid/X6 heat pump in Gold Coast, you can get rebates and incentives. Our heat pumps do not require any extra roof space or panels for installation. With the use of advanced manufacturing technology, our heat pumps are less prone to daily wear and tear or breakage. They are manufactured to last long and can be used for various residential and commercial applications.


So, if you need a heat pump for hot water in Gold Coast, you can count on us. Our low-maintenance water heaters are long-lasting as they are made from premium quality materials.

Discuss your requirements with our experts to know more.

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