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Whether you are an owner of a Hydrotherm or Aquatech branded heat pump, you will still have access to the same set of pre-configured heating modes. The primary difference is the controller interface that allows owners to switch between modes.


Our heat pumps have five pre-set heating modes, allowing for a greater level of user customisation.

Mode One


Parameters: Set temperature 60C reheat temperature trigger 55C

Recommended: Majority of homes.

Mode Two

Name: ECO

Parameters: Set temperature 60C reheat temperature trigger 48C

Recommended: Homes with low occupancy i.e >3 persons. Can also be used if owners are going away for a period and want the system to recover less frequently.


Mode Three


Parameters: Set temperature 65C | Heat pump only to 60C then element from 60C to 65C |                 

reheat temperature trigger 55C

Recommended: Larger homes where the hot water demand is heavily skewed to once a day either morning or evening.  Homes of 4 - 5 persons (winter) that want to limit the system to heat only once a day with solar p.v


Mode Four


Parameters: Set temperature 70C | Heat pump only to 60C then element from 60C to 70C | reheat temperature trigger 50C

Recommended: This mode is primarily used for installs where the legionella control requirements are higher, i.e age care facilities, hospitals or for commercial kitchen  installations, that have untempered water to dishwashers etc..


Mode Five


Parameters: Set temperature 70C reheat temperature trigger 60C | 1800w Element does all heating.

Recommended: This mode is only used to provide hot water if there is an issue with the heat pump that requires onsite service. By switching to element the home will still have a hot water supply while servicing is being booked.


TIPS:  Any timers you set on the system will operate across all modes.


TIPS: For the vast majority of homes we suggest leaving on standard.


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